Who We Are

The Freemasons are an international organization that has been around for hundreds of years with millions of members. With Grand Lodges in nearly every country of the world we have played our role in history and continue to do good around the globe. 

The Freemasons are part of a Grand Lodge. The Grand Lodge of Minnesota unites Masons across the state in a common cause and has helped with things like the Masonic Children's Hospital at the U of M while also providing educational programs for members.

The Freemasons are part of a Lodge. Each Lodge might be a little different, but the shared experiences we have with the members of our home lodge make us truly brothers. We have our meetings and do our work together. We eat and have fun together. And these are the brothers that more than any others we put our trust in.

Freemasons are any two brothers meeting anywhere, giving each other a particular handshake. We are equals. One may be coming to the aid of the other, or we may just be joining together in fellowship, but there is a bond between us, even if we are meeting for the first time.

Freemasons are all of these things at once.