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Braden  Lodge  #168
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Minnesota

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Freemasonry has officially been around since 1717 when four London lodges got together to form the Grand Lodge of England.  But the ideas of Masonry are much older with origins in ancient history.  Today Freemasons span the globe and can be found in virtually every country. The Square and Compass remain a widely recognized symbol of those who labor for the betterment of themselves and mankind in general.  


People often wonder, what is it that Masons do?  The answer is "the right thing, to the best of our abilities."  That may seem like an evasive answer, but it does get at the heart of Masonry.  All good men try to do the right thing, but we find, as with many things, it's easier to do with a group of people.  Hence our work is to make good men better.

The Freemasons