Braden Lodge #168

Braden gets its name from Most Worshipful Brother James C. Braden who was the first Grand Master of Minnesota to die while in office in 1877 at the age of 42.  Braden Lodge was founded shortly thereafter in 1886 and took the name of the fallen Grand Master and hence uses the broken column as part of its logo. 

Despite its long history, Braden Lodge today is a young and vibrant lodge.  We have weekly meetings, some Stated Communications, some Fellowship, with attendance ranging from a dozen brothers to thirty.  We've been raising Brothers to the sublime degree of Master Mason in double digit numbers the last few years.  We also have many special events to keep the Brethren busy. With a substantial endowment and growing membership, Braden Lodge intends to be a strong force in Masonry in the 21st century.