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    Braden Makes Preparations for Biggest "Bump in the Night" So Far

    Tickets are on sale now for "A Bump in the Night" which returns for its third year. This year we have decided to do away with the dinner party aspect of the event and instead introduce the Circus Perplexus, a spooky carnival that isn't meant to just amuse you, but to actually reach out and challenge you. We've also decided to offer not just one puzzle room, but three!

    Step right up to the door of the Arcana Masonic Lodge and you'll discover a darkly whimsical world of entertainment and enigmas. Ride the Elevator of Horros to the second floor and make your way down the tunnel to the Circus Perplexus. Arrive early and enjoy our sideshow featuring a real life sword swallower, live music, and riddles to perplex you. Or perhaps stop at our Midway to play a game of explosive fun. Your team is tasked with defusing a bomb, but only one person is in the isolation chamber with the device. You must communicate with your teammates who have the instructions for defusing the bomb, but you only have a few minutes to get the instructions right. If that doesn't get your heart racing, then step over to the Arcade where we have a collection of classic games with a certain puzzle element to them that you can challenge your cohorts to.  All this is included in your price of admission, but for a small additional charge you can also visit the tent of our tarot card reader or stop by our concessions area.

    Of course this is all just a sideshow to the main event where you will visit one, or perhaps more of our puzzle rooms. In the basement we are reviving our puzzle room from 2015 as The Labyrinth. In addition to solving the puzzles that will lead you to safety, you'll have to work your way through a maze of obstacles that have accumulated in the basement of a century old mason lodge. The real question though is are you really down there alone?

    Or perhaps you will go upstairs to the Lodge where we have recreated 2016's puzzle room as a ghost story.  The Master of the Lodge was last seen going up the Lodge Room and was never seen again. Was he killed? Did he find a door to another dimension? Whatever the answer, strange ghostly happenings have been occuring since that day. Perhaps you can find out what happened and set the spirit finally to rest.

    Then again, maybe you will want to try out our newest puzzle room, the Lounge. Another brother of the Lodge has been delving into some strange research lately and has been using the Lounge as his office. He seemed to be getting paranoid that someone was coming to steal his work and then he disappeared. Can you pick up his trail and discover what he was working on and where he might have gone?

    We've been assemlbing our largest volunteer staff to date and we're hoping to more than double the business we did last year. With the Circus Perplexus, people are free now to come early before their puzzle room as well as stay after and thus make an entire evening out of it. The Circus is open from 5:30pm to 11:00pm the last two Fridays and Saturdays in October. The Puzzle Rooms run at 6:00, 7:30, & 9>00pm. Consequently a group could choose to do two of the puzzle rooms or even all three in one night.

    The cost is $20 to do one puzzle room which includes admission to the Circus Perplexus. If you'd like to do two puzzle rooms, that would be $35, or you can pay $50 to do all three. Alternately, if you just want to come hang out at the Circus, you can do that for just $5. Tickets are available on this website and advance purchases are recommended for the puzzle rooms.


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