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Braden  Lodge  #168
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Minnesota

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Braden "Brothers Only" Section

You are about to enter a section of our website that is reserved exclusively for the Brothers who are members of Braden Lodge. This is where you will find:


  • Governing Documents, such as Braden Lodge By-Laws, and the Manual and Code of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota.


  • Minutes of Meetings (current and archived)


  • Financial Data (current and archived) (coming soon)


  • Document Archives (coming soon) -- this will include historical documents like old Trestle Boards, Programs, etc


Thru Dec 31st, 2023:  Continue to enter the site using the group Password you were provided for 2023. The current Password is only provided to "members in good standing" (i.e. who are current in their dues at the time of their request.) Please be sure to notify us if your email address changes, so we can send you notice of any future password changes or other access issues. To request the current Password, or to update your email address, please contact the Lodge Secretary by sending an email to:

Click the button below to enter your Password:


Starting Jan 1st, 2024:  You will access the "Brothers Only" section with your email address and a unique password that YOU set. You will no longer use a common "group" password. We will send an email to every email address that is active at Braden Lodge around Dec 26th, 2023, that will show you how to log iin with your email address and temporary Password provided to you. You will immediately be asked to set your Personal Password. You can go to the "My Profile" button in the top right corner and change your Password at any time. If you ever forget your Password, we are NOT able to retrieve it for you. However, we can delete and re-install your account under your email address, and send you a temporary password to use until you can set your own Personal Password. Please contact the Lodge Secretary at the email above should you need a new Password, or have any other questions.