These are the three ribbons we gave out. Each of these ribbons suggests a common phrase of two to four words. All three of those phrases have a word in common which was our password.

Puzzle 1 - "Maroon"

The four flyers are laid out like a Monopoly board and the picture with all of the question marks is where the Maroon properties of St. Charles Place, States, and Virginia Avenues would be.

Puzzle 2 - "Warden"

The 6 flyers are already in the proper order so just use Pi as your guide. That is to say take the 3rd letter from the first poster, then the 1st from the next one, then the 4th, 1st, 5th, and 9th to spell "WARDEN"

Puzzle 3 - "Trowel"

Starting in the corner with the square and compass, follow a path through the stars that contain a prime number. The letter on each of those stars will spell out "TROWEL"