The Rules

1. We ask that winners not share the answers to the puzzles with those still working on them.

2. Cooperation among those still working on the puzzles is encouraged.

3. When you solve a puzzle, it will give you a clue to your quest. Part of the clue tells you where to look and part of it is a key to getting the quest word. Once you have obtained the quest word, return to The Lodge Room and give it to the quizmaster to advance a degree and earn a badge ribbon.

4. Each of the three quests will earn you a different badge ribbon. Once you have received your third ribbon, they will give you three clues to the password.

5. Once you have deduced the password, you may enter the Inner Sanctum to claim your prizes if you are over 21 (Valid ID must be shown). Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options are available. Winners under 21 will have their prizes brought out to them.

6. If you have the password, you may return to the Inner Sanctum any time during the rest of the weekend (that we are open).

We have set forth three quests for you...

  • Each quest begins with a puzzle found below.

  • Once solved, the puzzle will give you a quest of something to find in the hotel. Once found, it will give you a quest word.

  • Return to the Lodge Room with the quest word and earn a badge ribbon.

  • Complete all three quests and the badge ribbons will give you three clues to the password. Once you have that, you may claim your prizes.

Welcome to the Lodge Room

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