The Rules

1. We ask that winners not share the answers to the puzzles with those still working on them.

2. Cooperation among those still working on the puzzles is encouraged.

3. When you solve a puzzle, it will tell you the object of your quest. You must find that person or item in the hotel and then take a picture that includes the quest object and everyone in your party. Only those in the picture will get a badge ribbon. Please adhere to the Convergence consent rules regarding photography.

4. Please do not post the pictures mentioned in Rule #3 online until Sunday.

5. Each of the three quests will earn you a different badge ribbon. However you will need to deduce the password to complete the challenge and gain entry to the Inner Chamber.

6. Only those who have the password, are over 21, and have a valid ID may enter the Inner Chamber.

7. All winners will receive one final badge ribbon.

8. Once you have the password, you may enter the Inner Chamber anytime during the remainder of the weekend (with proper ID).

9. Those under 21 who complete the challenge may enjoy non-alcoholic refreshments which will be delivered to them in the Outer Chamber.

10. We reserve the right (and are required by law) to refuse service of alcohol to those who are already intoxicated. However food and non-alcoholic beverages will still be available.

We have set forth three quests for you...

  • Each quest begins with a puzzle found below.

  • Once solved, you will know the object of your quest. Take a picture of everyone in your group with this item or person.

  • Return to the Lodge Room with your picture and the Master will bestow on you your reward for that quest.

  • Complete all three quests and you will have all you need to solve the last puzzle and acquire the password to the Inner Chamber.

Welcome to the Lodge Room