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John Ward EA 2017-06-15 Shown in front is our newest Brother, John Ward, flanked on the left by Acting MAster for the Degree, Senior Warden Matthew Gallagher, and on the right by Braden's Worshipful Master for 2017, WB Jeff Koltveit.

Thurs, Sep 28th

Dinner Served  •  7:30pm
Socrates Cafe  
•  8:30pm
Topic: To Be Determined

Thurs, Oct 19th • 7:30pm

Fellow Craft Degree

Stated Meeting

Thurs, Oct 12th

Dinner Served  •  7:30pm

Stated Meeting

Thurs, Sep 21st • 7:30pm

Entered Apprentice Degree

Fellowship Night

Victorian Christmas Dinner
Located at the James J Hill House
Saturday, December 9th
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Fellowship Night

Thurs, Sep 14th

Dinner Served  •  7:30pm

logical site near Gebel el Silsila. But he will be making his own history before he returns to Egypt -- he and his fiancée, Maria Nilsson, are scheduled to be married on July 22nd. Congratulations and best wishes to them both!


John was Passed to the Degree of a Fellow Craft on June 29th, and is scheduled for the Master Mason Degree on Thursday, July 13th, beginning at a special earlier time of 6:30pm. All Master Masons are invited to come out and join us as we confer the Third Degree on Brother John Ward.

Congratulations to John Ward, the newest Brother of Braden Lodge! John was initiated into the Ancient Craft of Freemasonry at an Entered Apprentice Degree held Thursday, June 15th, 2017.


John is a man who really digs his job! That's because he is an archaeologist for Lund University in Sweden. At the end of July, he will be returning to Egypt to continue research at an archaeo-

Shown in front is our newest Brother, John Ward, with

(seoncd row, L to R) Acting Master for the Degree, Senior Warden Matthew Gallagher, and Braden's Worshipful Master for 2017,

WB Jeff Koltveit.

Thurs, Oct 5th  •  7:30pm

Educational Program:
Significance of the 3rd Lecture
of the EA Degree

Presented By
Br Ray Davis

Fellowship Night

Stated Meeting

Braden  Welcomes  Newest  Brother


Worshipful Master Jeff Koltveit

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A Bump In The Night
A Halloween-Themed
Puzzle Room Adventure
Fri & Sat • Oct 20th & 21st
Fri & Sat  •  Oct 27th & 28th
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Welcome to

Braden Lodge No. 168

Ancient Free and Accepted Masons

What do Masons do?  That is the question we hope to answer for you here.  Like the blind men and the elephant, Masonry can be different things to different people.  Here at Braden we come together from a wide array of backgrounds to find brotherhood in its many forms

On this site you will find our various activities.  There are the stated meetings and degrees in which brothers will find elegance, beauty, and ritual.  We have our social gatherings in which brothers find fellowship. We have discussion groups in which a brother might pursue knowledge and light.  And we have our charitable activities in which we endeavor to make the world around us a better place.  Through structure, support, instruction, and charity, we aim to make it so that all the men who participate in our lodge are better men for the experience.